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Equipment List

Below is a small list of some of my equipment.
I own quite a bit, and have access to much, much more.  If you want something specific just ask and I can probably source it!

Red Komodo 6K

Canon C70 4K

Canon C300 Mk2 4K

GoPro Hero11 Black 

Canon 6D Full Frame DSLR 2K

DJI Ronin RS2 Pro

Sachtler Video 18P Fluid HeadS

Small HD 702 Bright On-Camera Monitor

FeelWorld 17" Director's Monitor

Sennheiser Wireless Lav & Stick Mic

Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Matte Box

Magliner Junior Cart

6x6 Butterfly Frame w/Rags

8x8 Butterfly Frame w/Rags

SLR Magic APO Microprimes EF (24/32/50/85)

Canon L Series Zooms EF


Aputure 300x Bi-Color w/Softbox & Grid (x2)
Aputure 200x Bi-Color w/Softbox & Grid

Aputure 60d w/Softbox & Grid (x2)

Nanlight Pavotube 30c RGB (x2)

Quasar Science Q50-R Rainbow RGB tube (x3)

Lightpanel Astra 6x Bi-color w/ Softbox

Tungsten w/ Softbox & grid (x2)

Aputure B7c RGB Practical bulbs (x10)

Clayton Moore is a Las Vegas based Director of Photography.  He specializes in Film and Video Production Cinematography in the commercial short film and feature film narrative production realm.  Cinematography is all about light and camera, tools that are used to literally paint with light.  Cinematography is a crucial element in conveying the visual aspects of your message be it commercial, PSA, documentary, film, video, behind the scenes, live events, or any other sort of high end commercial video production environments.

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